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What is a Roman bath in ‘Svyatoslav’? Our bath it is not a simply bath! This is the place where you can satisfy you all caprices. Interior is made in beautiful style. There is a big pool, relaxation room with leather furniture, TV set and DVD player. In the bathhouse there is also bedchamber with mirror ceiling and a lot of space for relaxation. The bathhouse is pretty large – at the same time can rest here a company up to 10 people, but for the comfortable relaxation we recommend to rest here up to 6 people. Besides, in the bath there is available the full menu of 'Svyatoslav' Restaurant. The bath is located in the hotel, that is why the relaxation can smoothly proceed to the hotel, restaurant or fairy court.

Price: 200UAH/hour, 400UAH/night


Who doesn’t know a Russian bath? This is a wooden two-level steaming room with red-hot stone and jug of water. Stream out and at a run into cold pool. Professional bathhouse attendant will prepare and oversee the whole process: he will steam with switch, adds embers or reduces the temperature. To the bath can be also added aromas. For this reason the bathhouse attendant has various aroma oils. It is pleasant that here can be ordered dishes and cold beer just from the restaurant. In the bathhouse can rest at once a company of 10 people. The bathhouse can be also reserved for the whole night, and after that you can rest in the comfortable rooms of 'Svyatoslav' Hotel.

to reserv bath call: +38 0631901570