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Як Ви дізналися про наш готель та ресторан?


It is possible to be understood only by men. And by which men! By active, hazardous, ambitious… Because lazy people do not play football! Sport complex gives you an opportunity to rest actively! You can play football at all weathers and at any time of day. We secured your comfort owing to special covering (covering atop and artificial grass) and illumination. Play at rain or at night adds you peculiar extreme and contentment, but without harm for your health. We have all equipment for plays and we willingly provide you with it. Apropos, if you like mini-football you can become football fan just at our stadium. From time to time on the field of Recreational Complex ‘Svyatoslav’ are conducted championship tournaments between local and city teams of Lviv. Are you successful? Do you play tennis? Almost always the affirmative answer for the second question automatically affirms also the first one. Tennis is not a cheap sport and also not so easy, but the real satisfaction, full straining and duel one for one are its advantages. Women like men that play tennis, and especially these who win. If you are ready for single combat, to strain, to victory – we have all preconditions for your own growth. Work with coach, two sets with the partner, bath and rest in the 'Svyatoslav' Restaurant. A couple of months of persistent work and you are a champion. Not Olympic, of course, however partners and friends will envy your good shape and swiftness.