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Beautiful body, perfect shape, strength and endurance, youth and beauty,- sports can give you all of that, and even more. Exercise equipment as a way to create a perfect body, is highly appreciated worldwide. Feel free to join athletic, healthy and attractive people in new up-to-date Fitness Centre in Svyatoslav Rest and Recreation Complex.
Well-lit, spacious Fitness Room contains exercise equipment for cardio and strength training. Running and bicycle simulators, power-lifting equipment as well as barbells, dumbbells, hula-hoops, fitballs, etc, - will provide diversity of exercises during your workouts, to give you quick and obvious results.
There are no time limits in workouts, so, for only 35 UAH You have an opportunity to improve beauty and endurance of Your body. Our Fitness Center is open daily, from 9 AM till 11 PM. Go in for workouts, and You will soon become stronger and more active!  We will make You feel Perfect!

tel +38 098 850 80 70