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We offer you collaboration with us, a Hotel-Restaurant Complex ‘Svyatoslav’. Hotel-Restaurant 'Svyatoslav' is located in a short distance from city centre of Lviv (9 km) in quiet and picturesque nook, further from city fuss; it is surrounded by marvelous scenery of forest hillsides. A number of apartments wait here prepared for your stay and rest: 31 four—stars rooms de luxe and half luxe: 18 twin bed rooms,12 double bed rooms and one apartment de luxe. Each room is unique; it is designed in original colour chord. Rooms are fully equipped with air conditioners, satellite TV, unlimited wireless WiFi and Internet (4 Mb/s), in every room there is always hot and cold water. The hotel has its own stadium and tennis court, conference room, Russian and Roman baths. HRC 'Svyatoslav' is not only hotel; it is also a large, spacious restaurant for 300 persons designed in Ukrainian style. There is for your service a VIP room, a fairy court under the open sky with wooden cottages, an open air kindergarten, swings, benches, a brooklet and amazing illumination. In the restaurant you can listen to live music; musicians at your desire can perform also Polish songs. Menu of the Restaurant 'Svyatoslav' is extremely rich – there is a wide selection of dishes, drinks and cocktails from cuisines of various world nations. Certainly, traditional Ukrainian cuisine is presented in the most complete way. Apropos, at the restaurant is also menu in Polish. Our waiters are always attentive, polite and swift; dressed with old national Ukrainian garb they add one more stroke to the complete ancient atmosphere of Ukrainian old times. Visit us – you will be pleasantly surprised and, certainly, satisfied.


Rooms - 53 rooms 
4 suites - 650, 550, 500 UAH 
49 junior suites including: 
4 suites - 650, 550, 500 UAH. 
49 junior suites - including: 
One suite with twin 250 UAH. 
24 junior suites with twin beds - 290 UAH. 
7 junior suites with double bed- 290, 320 UAH. 
5 junior suites with double bed and a cot - 290, 320 UAH. 
7 junior suites with twin beds and one additional single bed 320grn. (With extra bed 50 UAH.) 
5 junior suites with one double and one additional single bed 290 350hrn.(With extra bed 50 UAH.) 
290, 320, 350 UAH Junior 
650, 550, Suite 500 UAH


Roman 125 UAH/hour

Russian 100 UAH/hour

Tennis court 150 UAH/hour

Breakfast may be typical or be prepared according to the individual order

1. Breakfast – desires concerning individual food preparations are taken into consideration

2. Breakfast– desires concerning prices are taken into consideration

You can order by this Internet web-site!

Or by e-mail: reserv{ at }sviatoslav.com.ua

Or by phone: +38 032 296 34 17, +38 098 457 06 36